Tips for Buyers

Thinking about buying your first home? That’s exciting! It’s also a little scary – first-time homebuyers face a big financial commitment and a whole lot of new information. Don’t worry about the information, though. We have some insider secrets to help you sort out what you need to know and do.

Tips for Buyers

  • Get professional assistance. Hire a REALTOR to help you evaluate homes in terms of value and price. With the housing market in a constant state of change, hiring a professional can really assist you.
  • Understand the costs of homeownership. Make sure you know the total cost of owning the home you like and are comfortable with it. Remember costs are more than just the purchase price of the home (e.g. utilities, regular maintenance, taxes, insurance, etc.).
  • Get qualified for a mortgage. Make sure you are fully qualified to purchase the home in the price range you are looking at based on an interview and pre-approval from a lender.
  • Get a home inspection. Always have a professional home inspection as a part of the contract so you know the condition of the home you are buying.
  • Understand the forms. Make sure the Seller’s Property Disclosure is properly filled out and that you understand every entry on it.

Source [ Ghar Realtor ]

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