•Korca is city of the Republic of Albania. It stands on a plateau some 850 m above sea level, surrounded by the Morava Mountains.

•The city is known for its typical quarters, composed of low houses and villas, which are paved with cobblestone. 

•The city of Korça has a range of museums such as the Education Museum , the renewed National Museum of Medieval Art, the Prehistoric Museum, the House-Museum of the famous landscape painter, Vangjush Mio, the Museum of the Oriental Art “Bratko”, Gjon Mili Photography Museum etc. 

•In the vicinity of the city is the cemetery of French soldiers fallen during the First World War.

•The Theatre Cajupi is also a place to see concerts or theatre performances depending by the season.

•Apart from the museums and monuments, Korça is the city where the largest carnival in Albania is organized, taking place before Orthodox Easter. 

•Musically, the city is known for the local songs, called serenata. In the city you will find many taverns with tasteful traditional cooking which perfectly combines with the good music and the traditional drink.

•Korça is a very good base for exploring many tourist points located in the nearby mountains such as Voskopoja, Dardha, Vithkuqi and Boboshtica.

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